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Thread: problems w/bowel routine....SCI nurse help :)

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    problems w/bowel routine....SCI nurse help :)

    I?m a C5/6, 17 years out.

    For about 15 of these I?ve had a saline (fleet?s type) enema every other day for my bowel routine, and that has worked pretty well so far.

    For about the past year, though, I?ve had some pretty loud gas the day after the enema, which sounds (TMI!) like I?m also passing some liquid-w/solids rarely present.

    I?m curious about why I?m seeing these changes (and it?s also embarrassing!) Any theories about why it is happening and if I should do a different method?
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    Two preparations that are commonly used for a bowel program are Magic Bullets suppositories (10mg Bisacodyl in a water soluble base) and Enemeez, mini enema (283 mg Docusate Sodium)

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    Other than the farting, have you been having good results with the Fleets (sodium phosphates) enemas? Accidents between bowel programs? How long does it take for your entire bowel care regimen? Have you also changed your diet recently?

    One concern for the routine long-term use of enemas (and strong oral laxatives) in people with SCI is that these may increase your risks for obstructive megacolon after many years. Generally though you would see it taking increasing periods of time to evacuate your bowels with your bowel care regimen, and increased problems with impactions.


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    I too am having bowel program issues. I'm 14years out with an incomplete C5-7 injury. I use a Magic Bullet every other day. I've been hospitalized twice, once 3/21-3/26 and 5/4-5/11 with a small bowel obstruction. I've had multiple ct scans and X-rays that showed large amounts of fluid, feces, and gas. My gi doctor is stumped. I still haven't got results for my last ct with contrast. I see my doctor on Wednesday. Now I'm eating small meals, less fiber but I'm still having problems.

    I'm sorry that you're having issues. Please keep us posted and I will too.

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