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Thread: Therapy ideas? Floor? Eye hooks?

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    Therapy ideas? Floor? Eye hooks?

    Hi all,

    I'm a c2 incomplete quad, use a powerchair. With help I can stand and practice with a walker. Learning that if your exercise depends on someone else having to help you that you will probably end up disappointed. So with that lesson learned I try to exercise as best as I can on my own and the best option is from my wheelchair. I know I have the ability to progress much further functional wise so I'm always trying and in my trying and searching I have lightbulb moments and know if I could just figure out how to train certain movements that I would progress.

    For a while I've known that if I could find a way on and off the floor with minimal help that I could practice and train and stretch and with consistency results will happen. But I struggle with the knowledge of once I'm on the floor what should I be doing that's most important. A few of my thoughts are long sitting to work on stretching hamstrings, practicing trunk movements like trying to roll side to side as my trunk is weak, trying to sit up, trying to spend time on my stomach to stretch my quads and hips and possibly try pushups and back extensions. Thoughts and ideas appreciated.

    Another idea is to install a few eye hooks in the ceiling and attach ropes and a short bar or bars at the end of the ropes and from my wheelchair be able to grasp the bars (similar to parallel bars) and practice sit to stands. Also from the floor or reclined in my chair under a bar working on pull ups to strengthen my back.

    I have more ideas but just wanted to get some feedback and ideas from others.

    Thank you and never give up.

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    Hi. I'm 22 yrs into progressive MS, on a scooter past 5 yrs. Have started aquatherapy and LOVE it. I take the senior and disabled bus and find that the WHOLE thing is great therapy. I yak w the driver, the riders then the other patients at the pool. There are warm pools at some PT places, ymcas, even senior housing that will let you buy a membership. So you can go the PT route or the on your own route. Google and call around. It's great for mind and body to have some brief amount of time to be WAY more functional in the water than we are otherwise.

    As for at home, I watched youtubes re fall recovery then analyzed my house. Maybe you've found this but I learned that getting up backwards and in phases works. The bigger lesson is to see your environment creatively. I remove a sofa cushion, scoot from the floor onto it backwards then from there lift myself backwards onto the sofa! Recommend this video:

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    Glad to hear you are trying as well. I live in a small town so no accessible pools, plus I would need assistance. I'm not strong enough to get off the floor yet but possibly one day. I'm trying to learn and find ways to train and strengthen different muscle groups and logically thinking strength and function will help me move better.

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    Prior to getting out to the pool, I was home bound and in powerchair for most of a yr. I was able to do a little daily walking w a walker for the past several yrs for PT purposes only but not to actually get around. I still can't get around w a walker, but am def stronger, more stable and safer as a result of very devoted PT. Was very fortunate to have excellent home health PT and OT, which is paid at 100% if you have Medicare. What made them different as compared to prior PTs is that they did fun functional exercises w me. The drudgery of trying to isolate and move a muscle you can't move ten times, three times a day, I found very depressing in prior PT and I wouldn't end up sticking w it. These new therapists would do things like have me pull up to my breakfast bar, reach and slide a water bottle to a different place. That's how we started core stuff. I graduated to standing w chair behind me, holding on w both hands then moving a bottle while holding on w the other hand. Then I was alternating hands, then no hands. We eventually had me standing in front of a chair w a sturdy locked walker in front of me and handing items back and forth to the PT then tossing then bouncing a ball back and forth. The PT and OT could see what muscles were functioning better or worse and they'd come up w other fun, distracting activities that would strengthen the weaknesses, improve balance, enhance overall function and safety. Being distracted and having fun makes a huge diff. Look into home PT and try to lead them into functional activities.
    Is it possible to do floor exercises on bed?
    PT also had me sit on bed w feet on floor and reach in all directions. The bed is less stable than the chair so works abs more when you're ready.
    She also gave me a theraband, tied knots in both ends to serve as something to grasp. I just have it hanging around my bannister and throughout the day I go over on scooter and pull it w ea hand holding a knot. Pull at diff angles then move your chair slightly and again pull from diff angles.
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    I recently got some leg muscles back and have been exercising them regularly.

    I use a clothes rack and haying to slings from it.

    So they come out to about 4 feet off the ground.

    I need someone who helped put my legs in the sling, but one in the sling I can exercise most all of my leg muscles.

    When in my power chair I can adjust the height or angle from left to right and recline backwards which enables me to better isolate muscles.

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    Be careful attaching anything in the ceiling unless you are going into joist a substantial distance.

    You might want to invest in an inexpensive over door pulley system like one of these. We issue this to our SCI Veterans often:

    Also, there are a number of different exercises you can do for both arms and legs with a loop of Theraband, which is not too expensive.

    Also, a traditional standing frame can be used for pulling yourself up to a standing position.

    Here are a few DYI projects:

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    James would you be able to post a picture?

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    Sheri I understand what you mean by still being in a chair but being stronger. I exercise daily and even though in a chair the effort and time I put into exercise makes other things easier and more satisfying, still in a chair but functioning better because of persistence.

    I do have a short routine I do in bed at night and better than nothing but the bed is limited in how much you can move around, and at night I'm ready to rest. I wish to find a routine or a few routines that I won't have to speculate and wonder but just do them and know I'm giving myself the best opportunity because I'm working the right muscles and movements. For example, the best few exercises if I expect to build my core, and the best few for the back, and legs and arms, whatever the body uses to function. Perhaps someone has a list of muscles for each area that should be trained in appropriate order if functionality progress is the purpose.

    I currently don't have insurance but if I ever do I will look into a PT. That would be great but I also believe it can and should be able to be done without one.

    Thank you for sharing!

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    You may be able to get a 1X PT visit (either in a clinic or your home) with the goal of helping you develop a home exercise program you can do on your own or with family or caregiver help. They can also advise on exercise equipment that you can put together inexpensively (or buy used).


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    Without a PT assessment, you won't know EXACTLY which areas need more or less work so def try to maybe talk someone in doing a gratis evaluation. Otherwise, another thing I found were a few DVDs w chair exercises. Even following along w the instructor was easier / less boring than muddling thru on my own. The instructors can be pretty goofy, but then making fun of them becomes entertaining!

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