Just wondering if anybody has experience with either Cellcept or Rituxan? These are the two my neurologist suggests trying. I would need to decide between the two.

At this time, I am putting this off. and seeing how stable I can keep myself by managing symptoms.

I understand that if there is something that is going to either slow progression or stop more attacks, it would be immunosuppressant therapy.

They said I would need to comment to two years minimum.

It will not fix what damage is already done. The hope would be to slow or stop further major damage.

My heart keeps saying "love" into your immune system and my head cannot wrap around long term suppression. So I am diligent with food choice, stretching, massage, meditation, alternative things such as acupuncture, protecting myself from triggers like protecting my skin, etc. etc.

I have had more than one round of steroid infusions and such. I know that helps. but somehow I just have hit a wall with this decision.
Right now my doctors are respecting my decision even though they disagree. and have given me parameters as to the need to say "hey, we need to be more aggressive. period." I appreciate their candor and respect. It makes it all easier.

So, simply your experiences would be helpful. thanks, C