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Thread: End of life planning

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    End of life planning

    I'm working on my will, advanced directives... and would like to donate my body to research on aging with a disability or any efforts for a cure when I die. I am a C4/5 quad and have been injured since 1989. Does anyone know of any studies on SCI that are looking for body donations? I'm not sure this is the correct place to post this, so please redirect me if needed.

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    I believe Barth Green and Dalton Dietrick at the Miami Project are the most experienced in studying human spinal cords.

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    Mark Tuszynski's group at UCSD (San Diego) used to take donations of spinal cords that they used in their SCI cure research, but they had to harvest the cord themselves, so this limited those donations to people with SCI who died in the San Diego area. I am not sure if they still are seeking donations, but they might know about other researchers who do the same on the East Coast. You could contact their administrative staff to find out:


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    Great question, please get back to us with what you find out.

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