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Thread: overactive bladder, medtronic Interstim

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    overactive bladder, medtronic Interstim

    is this device appropriate for overactive bladder in SCI patients, me

    Sacral Neuromodulation for Bladder Control and Bowel Control delivered by the InterStim? system

    they put one on me for 2 day trial

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    Interstim is not approved for use in is used and approved primarily for people (mostly women) with "overactive bladder", which is not the same as neurogenic bladder types found in SCI. If you do a search for "Interstim" here you will find a number of our members who have had this implanted, and I don't recall one where it was any help at all for them. It does not give you bladder control. It may reduce some bladder instability (spasm) but anticholenergic meds or Botox do a better job of this. If considering this, it is critical that you first have the trial implantation done and try this for several weeks before having the permanent system implanted (only if it works).

    Here is an older post that lists a number of other discussions about this on our forum.

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    as sci nurse said it is not approved i had 1 in for a few years but eventually had it removed as it was doing nothing for me and actually eventually stopped working all together. this was however when it first came out and i had to fight with the insurance company to even try it. in my opinion not worth it as i eventually went thru with the ostomy surgery anyway.
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    I also had a Medtronic Interstem implant. my Urologist removed it. And said it is probably progression of disease that is why it did not work for me. I seem to have had some initial success and then quickly it wasn't working. They kept re-programming and re-programming and reprogramming. then I was simply back to being dependent on self-cath. In June of 2015 I developed Optic Neuritis, then in September as they were testing for MS, I was completely paralyzed. In the end the Interstem was taken out, because it wasn't working and the need to have access to my spine (MRI).

    I had been cath. dependent since 2009. In my 20's I had incontinence issues among other weird stuff happen. Then in 2009 I ended up with severe bladder retention and UTI to the point of my doctor putting my on a low dose daily antibiotic to try to keep infection down. Then I was diagnosed with a neurogenic bladder. and self cath. then in 2013, the Interstem was implanted, and re-programmed blah blah, until what happened in 2015.

    My husband since found research as above. He was rather upset that it was ever suggested for me.

    I was frustrated that I had this thing in my body that didn't work, and I was still cathing. let alone it wasn't appropriate.

    We moved across country for better health care. Today, I know what is happening, and I have a team of medical professionals I trust have my best interest at heart. It is night and day.

    What my husband and I learned: Research; more than one opinion; more research, and put on a thick skin and speak up; breathe through fear and ask questions. Just because a medical professionals suggests what appears to be this great technology, doesn't mean it is right for you. I had the opposite experience. My doctor suggested it and insurance was not a problem surprisingly. It was a whirlwind experience.

    At the time I did not understand what a neurogenic bladder was either. Now, I am educating myself. and again, even if I think it might be a "stupid" question. I ask it. Difference is, my doctors now welcome all my questions. and they encourage me to educate myself.
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