It appears I have a groin fungal infection. It's been treated for two weeks with ketoconazole cream and fluconazole orally which improved but did not cure it. It is just red, no other symptoms. If there were pain, of course, I wouldn't feel it.

I am a bit confused by how to treat it. The place I went to did not discuss how to apply the cream but on here and other places people say you should wash and dry the area. Does that mean I would have to take two showers a day? (I don't think I could clean the area with soap and water unless I showered). I have been using instead Sani-Hands alcohol wipes before the cream application.

Here are my questions:

1. Are there any special risks/concerns with this associated with SCI (loss of sensation) and/or intermittent catheterization?

2. What's the next step after ketoconazole didn't cure it, and do I need to shower first or are alcohol wipes ok?