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I don't know how the plumbing business works but I think roofing is probably a little different because of the overhead you can have involved:

In roofing there are set prices for everything those prices go up and down just like the pricing of any other raw materials. There is a huge database where all these prices are set so a standard quote may look something like:

Shingles $25 per square at 100 squares $2500
Gutters $8 foot at 400 feet $320
Labor $10.00 per square at 100 squares $1000.00

So the contractor and the insurance company agree on what needs to be replaced, how much material or labor needed and the material used to replace it.

If you have cheek shingles it's $25 per square foot. If you have high shingles it might be $35 per square foot. Most of the time the roofing company do not employ a the wrong roofers. They subcontract that part out to contractors that charge them a set amount per square footage of takeoff.

Typically, everything is marked so that the roofers can make a standard 30% profit. So the more stuff that is placed the more money they make and the insurance companies have to replace anything that is damaged whereas a homeowner may not place everything damaged.

There is a lot of stock replaced unnecessarily such as vents on the roof they get dented. These debts can almost never be seen from the street and the dents do not hurt the effectiveness of the product. But insurance companies pretty much have to replace anything damaged were where homeowner do not. If you aren't writing the check who cares.

I've been in business doing sales for 20 years and never seen anything quite like the roofing business. The whole system and process by which it works seems very efficient and wasteful but the way you are insured kind of wins itself to that because as a homeowner you will have no incentive to minimize the costs and the insurance companies give you a policy by which they have to replace anything damaged.

Believe me, there is a whole lot of shady stuff going on and is very efficient but that is how it works.

The whole industry kind of lends itself to ever increasing homeowner insurance payments because of the wasteful way to set up.

But it is what it is and after being involved with her for one summer I can see it changing anytime soon.

But, I only did it for one summer to make some good cash
i totally disagree with you and that comment who cares i care that who its my check book my rates my home no way i would use a company like that. i expevt the adjusteter get on roof along with roofer estimates are part of the job

i give quote trucking dayly and i am totally commision some i get some i don/t i expect i and t dotted and the type of shingle i expect it wriitebn out and lenght of time also i weant to see some insurance papers to boot like workman comp and if you damge or ur worker get hurt my property i am not libable