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Thread: Free FES ergys 2 Kansas City

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    Free FES ergys 2 Kansas City

    Quote Originally Posted by Fragile View Post
    Anybody out there have an FES RT300 bike for sale? Looking to spend about $10,000. If so, please send me a message at swlabr at
    Free ergys 2 fes bike in Kansas City

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    FES cycling is one of the best (only?) ways to increase bone density. Much less risky than standing frames. You can even start with no FES.

    Also keep in mind there are 6 and 12 channel RT300s. Know the channels and computer version (sage 7 vs 10) before you buy.
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    Moved to its own thread as it is probably not helpful to put this on the end of a 5 year old thread. It would help to have a more complete profile and offer some information about the bike, including model, age, what condition it is in, and if you will provide shipping. Makes it easier for our members to trust doing $$$$ interactions with an unknown quantity like yourself.


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    Interested please for Carrie Sunday. She'll sign in later tonight. She's right in Kansas! I let her know on Twitter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffg View Post
    Free ergys 2 fes bike in Kansas City
    Hi Jeff!
    I private messaged you. I am near the KC area and am interested if available.

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    Unfortunately Jeff has not been back to our forums to check his PMs or this thread since 6/12. I know this is very frustrating as it occurs so often that a first (and only) post is an item for sale, with not way to reach the person, and they don't check back. Try the e-mail he posted on his message. Sorry.


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    Sorry didn't respond for I didn't get any alerts and assumed maybe it would alert through my email. Also could figure out or didn't have patience how to put on its own thread. I PM'ed Carrie. Thanks.

    It it is in excellent condition with everything included , I just am unable to ride any longer.

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