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Thread: Posting on Facebook

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    Posting on Facebook

    Can anyone help a neophyte? I?m trying to comment on somebody?s post. I hit comment, and the box comes up with my picture and I write in it, but then how do I post it? Pressing enter erases, and I can?t find anybody button to post it. In the path I think there was a button that registered only a keyboard enter, not a Dragon enter. But there was a button if someone was here to push it. Now my caregiver can?t make it work either.

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    Hmm... Usually just return. Try ctrl-return as that's usually how to linefeed without posting...?
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    Enter should post it. I use Dragon for Mac and the spoken command works as does using my onscreen keyboard. Try logging out then back in, I find that fixes most facebook glitches or open a new window or tab and start again.

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