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Thread: Personal Capital service ? personal accounting and financial management

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    Personal Capital service ? personal accounting and financial management

    Has anyone any experience with this service, or any advice? Seems like a great thing to store and update all your stuff in one easy place, but is there any reason to believe it could possibly be safe? Although I guess a lot of things are storing your data in the cloud. I am clueless on this stuff. I did not know any of the websites that came up giving it good reviews.

    My interest is in replacing Quicken and managing myaccounts, not using their investment services. aign=&utm_content=Onboarding+-+no+FI+added%2c+24+hours+post-reg
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    You probably won't get any/enough replies from an SCI forum. Just Google the product and trawl through a few pages of results. If you don't trust it don't use it...

    It doesn't look like it will replace Quicken...

    Check out the reviews in app store Apple or Android might help.
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    They're legit and have been growing like crazy.
    I don't use their fiduciary services but might someday.
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