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Thread: Hand controls with a right hand brake

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    Hand controls with a right hand brake

    For the past 5 years I've been using Suregrip push-rock hand controls (and before that push-pull). Since I can only steer with one hand, I tend to keep my right hand at the top of the wheel for better control. Always holding my arm up on the wheel (my commute is 45-90 minutes one way) has started to take a toll on my deltoid.

    I just got a new car and now it's time to get new controls, so I figured I should look at other hand controls. I've been looking at Veigel, Menox, and (if I decide to splurge) Kempf DARIOS.

    I'm curious what experience others have had with right handed controls/brakes. Seems like they'd make it overly awkward to shift gears, fiddle with the radio, or really anything I've gotten used to doing with my right hand

    One thing I do like about my suregrip controls is I can reach them while resting my arm on the armrest - provides a little extra stability since I'm a T4/5 and have crap trunk control.

    What do y'all think? Any fans of right-handed controls out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by T4Gimp View Post
    What do y'all think? Any fans of right-handed controls out there?
    Opposite of you, but you should get the idea of what I mean.

    I steer with my left hand. My hand controls are on my right side. And you are correct, shifting gears is a pain. But I won't have it any other way *and* I have tried left hand controls. My stupid right arm does not know how to steer after all these years of driving. Especially since I am a lefty, my left arm just seems to want to do want my brain-eye combo says. The eye-brain-arm thing just did not work smooth when I had it set up for left hand controls. Slow speed in tight quarters was the most difficult. Since I could switch the controls over to the other side, I did.
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    I have Viegel right side controls and a spinner knob on my steering wheel. Works great for me!

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    With a tri-pin or steering knob you could try steering from the 5:00 position on the steering wheel. Takes a little practice, but using the 2:00 position was an arm killer on long drives.

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    I’ve had Menox in 2 vehicles and now have Featherlite rightside push pulls. I tried but didn’t care for left side either.

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    Viegel are awesome. They have brake locks so you can lock your brakes at stop lights...I would never go to handcontrols without that option now.

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    The thing I like about my push-pull hand control is that it enables me to steer with either hand. If you fatigue, you just switch hands.

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    Menox has the brake lock feature standard also. Very handy, in my F350, I had one side of the rocker switch engage the brake solenoid the other engaged/ disengaged cruise control. They have an option to add more functions on the control handle.

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    I'm in the UK and just use a push pull hand control...I've never heard of a brake lock feature but I definitely want that in my life...launch control here we come!

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