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Thread: Old teenage friend broke his back last weekend

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    Old teenage friend broke his back last weekend

    One of my friends for 22 years wrecked his quad last weekend and broke his back at T 10. So far he has no feeling or movement in his legs. I just found out about it a couple days ago and was able to talk to him for a little while yesterday to kind of tell him what to expect. He's an old school cowboy that used to ride bulls and do all sort of crazy stuff. We hung out back when I was 17, 18, 19 and 20. I'm going to try to make it to the hospital he's at next week and poked my head in to say hi. Unfortunately he has no insurance. I'm hoping he gets to go to rehab over it Barrows where I went. I still know a couple of the therapist there. I heard somewhere that rehab time without insurance is 21 days. At least it's his back. Hopefully he'll be one of the lucky ones and get to walk again or at least get the feeling back but I kind of doubt it. He has a family. He worked construction with heavy equipment and his boss and him are good friends. We've been trying to reconnect for the past couple of years and it's a shame it's happening like this. Here's a picture of us. I'm the guy they're trying to pick up and he's the guy in the cowboy hat In the middle

    I'm definitely going to be there for any help he needs.
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    I'm so sorry for your friend. I really hate it when I hear that one more person has to deal with this injury! He's lucky he has you as he will learn a lot from your experience. Wishing him the best of luck!

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    Damn, rybread, I'm so sorry this happened! Fingers crossed for the best possible treatment and outcome for him.
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    So sorry to hear about your friend! I am with Mombo, I hate it when other people have this type of injury, the lifestyle and the pain. I wish no one has this. I am a T10 also, but I am an incomplete, meaning I regained some feeling and movement back, but not enough to walk again. I'm in a chair for life. I didn't have insurance when I had my accident and I got on Medicare, they helped pay for almost everything. Do you know if he has tried Medicare?
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    Gilhooley, I suspect you mean you got on MEDICAID when you were newly injured and uninsured. You are not eligible for MEDICARE until you have been on SSDI or SSI for 24 months after your injury, unless you are already over the age of 65 or already disabled from some other condition. MEDICAID is the federally funded, state run program that covers catastrophic injury care for low income people who are uninsured. I suspect that if the man in question is employed, but uninsured he may have too much in the way of assets to qualify right away for Medicaid. In most states, you can own a home, 1 vehicle, and have no more than $2000 in other assets, and this applies to your family, not just the individual.

    Ryan, Medicare usually limits inpatient rehab after a SCI to 18 days, but any limits set by Medicaid would be set by the individual state. The social worker at the hospital where he is currently should be helping him apply for Medicaid in AZ, if he is eligible.


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