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Thread: Do dme get kickbacks from wheelchair manufacturers?

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    Do dme get kickbacks from wheelchair manufacturers?

    Ok I've had horrible DMEs. They seem like pushy car salesmen. They tell you what you want to hear and than once chair is ordered kind of kick you to the wayside.

    Im just curious if DME get kickbacks? They are always pushing tilite and never listen to other suggestions.

    Just curious???

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    I'll be interested to hear the answer from someone who knows. I know we have some DMEs who are members here. My suspicion is that they get paid either a percentage or the difference between their cost and what they charge us. Either way I'm sure there is an incentive for them to sell you the most expensive chair they can.

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    I think your right funklab. I seen a post on here about pts getting kickbacks from DMEs. Where I'm from I don't think so because we can pick which DMEs we want to use. But I'm running out of DMES to use. Guess I'll use the one that sucks the least and doesn't get irritated when I ask them to fix something that's not a big ticket item to bill insurance.

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    Of course there is a mark up from dealer cost, that mark up is how they pay the staff and all the things involved in keeping the doors open. No doubt there are some extreme mark ups sometimes.

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    I think DME's make much more money off those who have Medicare/Medicaid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1971cuda; [COLOR=#333333
    Do dme get kickbacks from wheelchair manufacturers? [/COLOR]
    Politely known as incentives??

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1971cuda View Post
    . They seem like pushy car salesmen.
    That is what they pretty much amount to. If not for the insurance machinations they would have no purpose to exist. Re pushing TiLite...I guess you are lucky they aren't pushing other brands

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    I believe they do, a couple years ago I got a new perMobil m300 and the bill from the factory came out to $30,000 and what they build by insurance was $60,000! That's the problem we have right now with healthcare and insurance that doctors, hospitals and DMEs charge that amount in the insurance shells it out. Thus raising my premium, and everyone else's post quick reply
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