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Thread: Do dme get kickbacks from wheelchair manufacturers?

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    The situation sucks!
    22 years in a chair. I'm on my third ever chair; the third chair (~2001) we paid cash for after the hassles of dealing w/Medicare)
    Waited 6 months!! for a seating clinic. (at least I wanted an accurate description of what's good for me as well as pressure map my two cushions against whatever is available. I have a Quad Roho deep, and a Jay Deep Comfort? w/10% overfill per their prescription 5yrs ago)
    They're telling me Medicare will not provide titanium fames anymore; that options like Frogslegs or side shields are not covered anymore, just very basic stuff (no Spox wheels for you!)
    And there's no flexibility! You can't order Spox wheels, deduct the difference of basic wheels, and personally make up the difference.
    I'm waiting to see what my cost will be for this "basic" chair and if it's reasonable, go ahead just to have a spare, but I think they're just unreasonable!
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    DME is a business just like power chair and wheelchair manufactures.

    They are not charities so they like any businesses are out to make money.

    But we as consumers should go in having done advance research just like buying a car.

    With social media, user feedback and manufacture input we should be telling ATPs what we want and why.

    If you get push back ask for another ATP. If you still get push back reach out to the manager and or CEO.

    If its a mom and pop and your not getting good service by on line.

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