of wow, wes4dbt, that gives me hope that it will not take as long as the outside estimate I was first given. I know the documentation is there. etc. As we are looking at the needs etc.

The DME I chose said not to worry that he had loner chairs if I needed. He is meeting me Monday at PT.

I also have United Medicare. So, it will be the same as my catheters I am assuming. PT and DME doesn't seem to think it is as much of a problem as I have read other places about Medicare helping with ultralight chairs.

All of this makes me feel less anxious about the whole process.

Off hand he has told me to look at Quickie 7, Aero Z, and Aero T. He is talking to me about the difference between a mono and dual tube frame.

Anybody that has any opinions about these please feel free to chime in.

have a great weekend, C