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Thread: Quickie QRI or AERO Z First Rigid Chair

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    You may want to try Sportaid as online retailer but only if you are buying out of pocket with no expectation of reimbursement. I use a TopEnd Crossfire T6 because I like a tapered seat. My seat is 18" at the rear and 16" at the front. This allows me to have 11" approx. between the footrest posts. Sportaid can usually get this chair to you in 2 to 3 weeks. I would have them fax or e mail to you all the measurements/options they are sending to TopEnd and if possible a copy of the TopEnd (or other manufacturer) build order to make sure your choices are effectively communicated to and by the manufacturer. Sportaid has been willing to do this for me.

    I agree that if you are going to be lifting this chair you should get titanium, if not the extra 10lbs. weight will make little difference.

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    Jhigs, huge kudos for being so supportive of your wife!!

    My wife and I were married for almost 20 years before MS appeared in our lives ten years ago; it's appearance has been as hard and life changing for her as for me. Her steadfast support is worth (I have no words); my eyes are now filled with blinding tears just thinking about it.

    Thank you !!
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    I will say, even 10% in weight savings make a big difference in lifting the chair in and out of the car. That said, you have to weigh (ba-dum - CHING) the cost of weight savings. Titanium chairs are 2+ times more expensive than aluminum chairs. I would LOVE to get my wife a Ti chair. Lightness + cool factor of Ti chair. Something to save for. For now, the entry level aluminum rigid chairs are pretty good IMHO.

    Also consider your transportation. We had a Chevy Volt when she first started using a chair. Fantastic car, seriously! Except I had to break her chair down completely to fit it in the trunk, and there was no way it was fitting in the backseat next to our son and behind me driving. We wound up selling it and buying a couple year older Audi Avant, which fits her chair fully assembled with room to spare.

    As for my wife, she's awesome and loves to be able to use her experiences to relate to and help others. She was diagnosed a few years before we met and got married. It's just another thing we manage and figure out together. Plus her assistive needs give me something else to nerd out on , and I finally got my turbo AWD wagon .

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    jhigs, lynnifer, baldfatdad thank you!

    Yes, I have been haunting ebay. tried to join a facebook group that had an equipment exchange, but I think they might have thought I was Spam. I started scouring the internet for help. And as I said, the gentleman at Spinlife was providing me a lot of information. Even said, if insurance is a possibility then you should go for it. I will say, when I emailed him the information he needed. He did not come back with a quote and instead more questions and more information. I feel like he would rather me have an appropriate chair then make a sale. Here is the update though:

    Update: I had my wheelchair eval with PT. I want to give a shout out to Mountain States Rehab in TN. Wow, they were so nice. My PT was incredibly, thorough. He explained as we went along. He had a sample of the air cushion I had spotted on Spin Life and set it up and had me sit on it. As it turns out it would be appropriate for me. He said I need both a positioning and a skin protection cushion. He also had a back in mind that he thought would be appropriate. There is so much I really did not understand or think about.

    We talked about my decision to use and online retailer and not go through insurance since I was told it might be three to four months to get the wheelchair.

    The next day, he called. He had already contacted my doctor too. He had consulted with his team and colleagues about my decision and expressed his concern. He completely explained the process of using a physical supplier for your first chair. I have decided to go with a physical supplier. And work together with him and the supplier to make sure the chair is appropriate etc.

    Long story short, he has a few suppliers he works with regularly. One is near me and is a certified OT. He said it is my decision. I gather they try to remain neutral. Maybe the is appropriate for PT?

    Anyway, I go next week for PT eval. We talked about my what I had done in the rehab facility. We can incorporate advanced wheelchair skills into my program. They will help me develop a better home routine.

    Maybe this is too much info. The healthcare I am receiving now, I feel they really have my best interest at heart.

    Exciting to me is that he asked me if I had goals about driving. I said YES. I would love if I can to get hand controls for my Mazda if I can. We can work toward that too.

    *Also to supportive Spouses - indeed Kudos! As my husband is completely supportive. And yes, my disease has not only changed my life but my husbands, friends and family. Support is so important for each other.

    So, I am trusting. He heard my concern over waiting 4 months. I don't know how it will go, but medical necessity is not a question, so maybe it won't take so long?

    *I also agree, this forum has so much information. I too am mostly a lurker because mostly I would be replying wow! thank you. this is very helpful. It is nice to connect to others who have been there, done that.

    have a great day. C

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    I'm not sure of your mobility level but since you have MS and are not a complete SCI, you might have some leg movement. I have some leg movement and I don't like chairs like QRI or Aero Z, basically I don't like chairs with platform footrests. I use a Quickie GPV with a 70 degree angled footrest. This is because I'm constantly taking my foot off the footrest and resting it on the floor behind the footrest. This stabilizes the chair while I doing things (bending over, cooking, cleaning....), also I find it helps to shift my weight and make it more comfortable when seating for long periods. Don't know if this applies to you but it might be something to consider. Also, remember your DME person doesn't necessarily know what would work best for you. Make sure you get a chair that you feel is right for your needs and mobility level.

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    Second on the DME. Their prime motivation is a sale!
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    The bias in favour of a "physical supplier" is likely based on the notion that a knowledgable person will be available and willing after your chair arrives to help you make any necessary adjustments. Don't be too surprised if it doesn't work out this way--many of these people are wonderfully helpful until the chair is ordered, and then just seem to melt away when the chair arrives and you need them... It is well worth learning wheelchair adjustment skills yourself, or getting a loved one to learn them, or finding someone who already has them (talking to your local wheelchair basketball or rugby club is a good way to find skilled wheelchair mechanics).

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    The or contact Stephen Feldman.
    Insincere, manipulative, an idiot, selfish, vapid, biased and now a whore. Now petty. Eight personal attacks against the rules of this site.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    Interesting, what I am hearing is that in theory and real life with DME's do not always match. QTiPi, that is a great suggestion thank you.

    Just to clarify, I do not have MS. I have a severe systemic autoimmune more in the family of Lupus.

    I have had quite the wild ride. but finding more people who have had the same experience. I am not alone. It started with we think you have MS. Then when I was completely paralyzed in 2015 they said, we are 95% certain you have Neuro Myelitis Optica because it was effecting my eyes and spinal cord. Then, they said we don't know. Then my oncologist mentioned he thought I had Lyme disease. Etc. Etc. Etc. Then we moved all the way across America for diagnostics and treatment.

    conclusion family of Lupus. It is effecting mainly my nervous systems. it effects my skin, vascular, etc. multiple systems, long story short.

    Still wrapping my brain around things sometimes day to day.

    Thank you again, for all the good information. C

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    The biggest benifit of going through a DME for me is my insurance pays 80%. I don't know what your insurance is, mine s United Health Care, Medicare Complete but I just got a new manual chair, it took about a month from the time the Dr wrote the Rx till it was delivered. But I knew exactly what I wanted and was at the DME provider the next day after the Rx was sent to them. It took @ 2 1/2 weeks for the insurance to ok it and about 1 1/2 for it to be built and delivered.

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