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Thread: Do you get offended by...

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    No. It's just a figure of common speech. The couple of posts back in this thread are right, when people use these terms it shows them to be less focused on your disability. ''Go for a roll'' around the park is just silly.

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    I agree kld that they do not see us as the disabled person. heck I still say walk .... or run sometimes. It is Normal terminology. I think people sometimes look for things that may offend them and look to draw attention to them. We are all human. Life is too Damn short to be getting upset over this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gjnl View Post
    can not walk in the moccasins of those of us who tread this road every day.
    No one can walk in another persons shoes, no matter how similar 'we' may be.
    While empathy and understanding is something anyone can share, regardless of any similarity.... or not.

    Back on to the subject; I could care less about PC and believe its' practice is fractionalising (is that a real word?) society.
    Clear communication is all in the delivery. Offense is usually in the mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Personally, I think that such use of language shows that the person is not totally focused on your disability and is seeing you as a "regular" person.

    I think it is similar to a blind friend of mine, who always says "see you soon" and whom I have teased when saying "Joe, can't you see the point I am trying to make?"!!! Of course I am AB, so it will be interesting to see what others here think.

    I agree totally and I laugh say race ya to me they see me as me not wheelchair bound

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tman9513 View Post
    I would say No, I am not offended (unless it is clearly malicious). For example, I feel like whenever I go into any office (dentist, doctor, veterinarian), the receptionist always makes the comment "Please go find a seat and we'll be with you as soon as we can." They say this a thousand times a month to people so I think it is just out of habit. Every now and then I'll just say "ok" and stare at them for an extra second and that's when they realize they said something stupid but I never press the issue because I can tell they understand they didn't think it through.

    You can tell when someone genuinely is showing you a respectful compassion. I went to a college homecoming in 2015 and met up with dozens of college buddies. One of them, who went from military college to looking like Sons of Anarchy (seriously had a 12 inch blade in a sheath on his side, leather vest with motorcycle club patch and long hair). He was, and still is, the only person to come up to me and before even shaking my hand got down on one knee to look at me eye level before speaking to me.
    I laugh and say I brought my own irarely take offense at anthying

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    Such terms don't offend me.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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