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Thread: Compression Stocking Aid

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    Compression Stocking Aid

    I just bought some cheap stockings from China (hey they come in pink lol) but I really struggle to get these suckers on (30-40mmhg).

    I see there is a doff n donner sold by sigvaris, but expensive as hell! Not sure if I could knit something similar with a silky yarn and have it do the same trick.

    Mine are closed toe. Any advice?
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    I'm not familiar with that one, but my dad used to like this one.

    He now has a method for putting them on without the tool. He finds it useful to use the gloves.

    Recently, he has had a hard time finding stockings that fit appropriately since he is tall with large feet, but his legs are very slender due to atrophy. So his physical therapist recommended Farrow wraps. They are bulky and clearly do not look like socks, but very easy to put on and off, you can adjust them to your leg size. You actually wear a light compression "sock" underneath, which has some compression in the foot (but very little in the leg so it is easy to get on), and then you "wrap" the Farrow wrap around your lower leg. Watch videos online.

    Don't use the Farrow wrap piece for the foot - you can get pressure sores.

    They work very very well for controlling edema, and my Dad uses them instead of 30-40mmHg stockings (which he would have needed to have custom made to fit correctly).

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    The combination kit actually is easier to use, but you are right, it is very expensive:

    My mother had one of these, but it was her attendant who used it:

    We used to issue a number of these:

    This one looks interesting, but I could not find a distributor in the USA or Canada:


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    Mine are just 20-30mmhg and I tried a hard plastic thing they sold to put them on. None of ones posted looked exactly like it did. One thing back then my calf size was TruForm 2XL due to swelling. I'm down now, several years later to a Large. So, they work and the size might been my problem with that sleeve thing.
    Anyway, had just got past a ulcer when they were ordered. They had been using while healing a wrap, It looked like a ACE Wrap.
    I broke skin trying to get first one on and threw it in trash. Took a bit help from Mama but finally got hang of getting them on.
    Now it still takes a while but just lotion leg up good and let soak in real well. Then we work them on using my good hand and her two hands, slow but surely been able get them on(knock wood).

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