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Thread: Motomed Viva2 for Sale

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    Motomed Viva2 for Sale

    I have a Motomed Viva 2 for sale. It's like new. I purchased 3 years ago. It is the full version excluding the hand exercise portion. I used it regularly at first but due to other medical issues I haven't used it in a while. I'm asking $5,000 but will consider offers. As I said before it's in excellent condition.
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    Very interested. Please contact me.

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    Hello Ms.Rand. I'm not sure if you saw the message I sent you but I'm available if you have any questions.

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    I am open to offers

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    are you willing to ship? would you take 3000?

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    Quote Originally Posted by farrah525 View Post
    are you willing to ship? would you take 3000?
    You should edit your number before the robots snag it. This forum is open to the public.
    Use personal messaging.
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    Good catch nonoise.

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    Hi farrah525. Honestly, I need more than $3000. Also, I would prefer pick-up because I have no idea how to get it shipped to you.

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    No FES I assume...?
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    I'm sorry no FES
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