I'm a c4/5 quad complete no feeling below my collar bone 15 yrs. post injury. Both of my hips are dislocated and have been for years but when it first happened it caused heavy sweating when I sat up in my chair but with some seating changes and time they seemed to settle in a position and the sweating stopped. But this past week my left hip some how must have shifted out of its comfort zone and now every morning as soon as I sit in my chair heavy sweating starts and my leg starts twitching and spasming trying to turn in ward. I was hoping anyone had any information or experience with this if it keeps up I'll have to look into seating changes again i just don't want to have to be on heavy pain killers to stop the pain and sweating. When I'm down in bed I'm fine I have my hip and leg stabilized straight with a few pilllows underneath them. But as soon as I land in my chair it turns in and the pain and sweating starts very frustrating.