Rocco is a great dog. A beautiful, golden haired Lhasa Apso who we adopted at 2 years old back in 2006 from a rescue squad.
He had been picked up as a stray in NYC and we are his 3rd family since it seems like he had a hard time adjusting to small children.
We hit it off and in a little while he was an integral part of our family.
A few years ago he developed eye disease and eventually both eyes had to be removed because of pain. Being a trooper, he adapted to that. He had the company of a younger dog and was content to roam the backyard. But he's getting more and more confused. My wife now carries him out to the end of the deck so he can do his business.
Last week, my wife fell from a ladder while doing some renovation work. She required surgery on her right leg and is now confined to bed most of the time for the next 4 to 6 weeks.
I tried to get him out this morning and he nipped me.
Long and short of it, we need to have Rocco put to sleep as we're not sure we can get someone to help with him and we feel that this has been coming for a long time anyway.
Does anyone have experience with a similar situation?
Is there a way to get help with transport to the vet?
I'm in South Central New Jersey. We have a good vet who knows Rocco well, but we have to get him there and that presents a challenge.
My wife took care of so many aspects of our lives to compensate for my limitations.