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Thread: St. George Marathon

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    St. George Marathon

    I am going out to Utah in October to ride my bike in it. Anyone here going also?

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    Have you don't it before? Its just a down hill ride. I hit a little over 50 mph in my racing chair. Did it in 1hour and 40 minutes without any training. Normally I do a marathon around 2:20.

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    No I haven't but it does look easy. I did SLT marathon last year and it was very tough. I haven't much time to do outside training this year so I was looking for an easy one. I'm slow and have an XLT Pro so my time is usually 3 hrs on a hilly course.

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    If you can do a 10k you can do the ST George. There is one little hill in the middle and some flat at the end. Its pretty warm there so take a lot of water. You might think about the Milwaukee marathon too. Almost all down hill or flat.
    My story just for your entertainment: I was driving through southern Utah on the way to Mexico when I heard the ad for the St George, that was the next day. Called and ask if I could run it, but at first the guy said no. When I told him I was a wheelchair racer, he said sure. Drove to St George and parked my camper near the start. Get up at 3 in the morning or some ungodly hour like that. Rig up and head to the start. Bunch of wheelchair racers there. I ask around to see who runs the same as me, so I have someone to draft with. They put cool lights on the back of the chairs, its darker than a witches rear end! Fire the gun and off we go. We're hauling butt down the road, in the dark. A motorcycle cop comes up next to me after a few miles and says: How you doing? All that comes to mind is the Blues Brothers. I look at him and say " Its 4 in the morning, it pitch dark, I'm doing 40 MPH in a wheelchair and I'm wearing sunglasses."
    What a hoot!! Have fun.

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    Sounds like just what I need! I'm 59 now and I keep telling myself this will be my last race, but then I 'll have a friend run one and that competitive monster kicks in again and I sign up for one!!

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    Great. If you have a go pro mount it on the bike somehow. The scenery and sunrise are beautiful.

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