I know my life is no where near as challenging as many of other members of this forum, but I'm getting a taste of "interesting times".
I'm just mobile enough to drag my butt to work each day. My wife does everything else (except cooking - that's my domain) and while working on fixing up our very old house with an eye to getting to a 55+ community where her chores list will be shortened (no more lawn care or snow shoveling or stair climbing) she injured her leg requiring surgery. She'll be immobilized for many weeks.

So now - I'm the most able bodied person in the house - HA!

Looking at some basic logistical issues - like food shopping (I can do some, but I've had falls in the super market in the past - so my wife will try to veto that)
- should be able to arrange delivery from Stop and Shop.
Laundry - involves climbing stairs to basement - again - my wife will not want me doing that.

Just venting I guess - we were living a delicately balanced existence that has suddenly fallen off the rails.