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Thread: Dodge Entervan ramp trigger? URGENT help needed.

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    Dodge Entervan ramp trigger? URGENT help needed.

    Do you have a lowered floor minivan (specifically a Dodge Entervan)? Question! Do you know where the trigger is that tells the ramp the door is open all the way so that the ramp will deploy? My door is acting up BAD It keeps pulling back even after it's fully opened, preventing the ramp from doing its thing. I keep hearing a timed clicking on the inside of the door as well. Confused :/
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    I occasionally have this problem as well with my dodge caravan I open the door by hand and pull out the ramp by hand. I then push the button on the door in the hopes that it will recycle properly. Most of the time it is the door mechanism rather than the ramp.
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    I believe it is down on the left(when facing door from outside). Track may need to be cleaned then lubed. good luck

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    Thanks guys doing this as soon as my friend gets here. I hate Memorial weekend tech issues :/
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    Try disconnecting the battery Mine would do strange things and rebooting it worked. Just need to remove the neg. cable for a min.

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    Update: Sadly none of the ideas worked
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    When I have fooled with these, most of the time it ends up being the wiring harness at the bottom of the door. Google problems with dodge mini van electric sliding door. A good mechanic can check the wiring for you. Not the DME people.

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    Does anyone have a Dodge power door w/ramp that works 100% of the time? Have looked at several and all the owners say theirs are erratic. Spent $1000 for a new wiring harness and rebuilt door motor and mine still open 3/4 then reverses direction and tries to close. Just before it latches it reverses again trying to open, then it reverse again back to close. After all that it opens like it should on the next attempt.
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    This happened on my parents Dodge Caravan power ramp. Went to Mac's Lift Gate in SoCal where they determined that an "accutator" was defective, replaced it, and it worked well from then on (several years) until we sold the van after my mother passed away.


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