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Thread: Tay Sachs

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    Tay Sachs

    A dear friend of mine wants recent information on the use of Stem cells for Tay-Sachs disease. Whoever has any research or studies about it. especially in Florida???!!!!

    Can anybody help please?

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    Here is some information on both gene therapy and stem cell transplantation in Tay-Sachs:

    You can also do a search with the term "Tay-Sachs" at for studies in the USA.


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    Thank you so much for your input. But My friend needs specific information about Stem Cells in Tay Sachs because there is a doctor here in Florida claiming that he can cure it with stem cells? We are suspicious!!!!

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    If that were the case, the Tay-Sachs organization above would be all over it. Since that is not the case, I have to assume that it is a scam or illegitimate therapy, similar to those making similar bogus claims for SCI/D.


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    This is the information of this mysterious center??!!!!
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    it seems this guy has found the cure for every disease including SCI

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    Exclamation Does anybody know about this guy????!!!!

    He seems able to cure all diseases with stem cells, right here in Florida!!!!!!


    The Doctor:
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    Quote Originally Posted by drnader View Post
    He seems able to cure all diseases with stem cells, right here in Florida!!!!!!


    The Doctor:

    Scam...I am reminded of a similar conversation and have all of the same thoughts that I posted there...not exactly the same but the same thinking still applies
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    I am being IRONIC, he is a scam... but why isn't he stopped by the authorities???!!!

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    Has anyone here ever heard of him??

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