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Thread: testosterone injections?

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    testosterone injections?

    my dr. wants to start giving me testosterone injections to increase stength and muscle mass. i'm c5-6 incomplete/4yrs post and i've been using the walker exclusively for the last three months...i've increased my exercise regime and strength training over the last year with amazing results. i havn't had any experience with steroids. any advice? precautions? thanks.

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    I take weekly injections of depo Testosterone. I have been on it for about eight years now and feel the best ever at 54 years old. I have had no side effects and only positive results. I take a one ml shot of 200 mg Depo Testosterone Cypionate every week. I have found a 20 gauge needle works great for me. The liquid is pretty thick and is easy with a larger needle. The first couple of years my doctor and I played with the timing and doses of the shots. We finally narrowed down to this dose weekly. My levels are around 800. Works great for me. Wish you well. Good luck with everything. I did a study with Kessler years ago and it was published in the medical journal. Their were a bunch of us in the study and all positive results for most of us. I can email to you . My email is Shoot me an email and I will send you the information for review. Best Regards,

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    Joe emailed me a bunch of great articles. I've recently started TRT too.

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    It sure would be easier to respond to your questions if you completed your profile! Your profile indicates that you do not have a spinal cord injury or disease, and no clue about where in the world you are located.

    Testosterone supplementation should only be undertaking if your blood levels of testosterone are below normal. Have you had these testing? Taking testosterone or other anabolic steroids without monitoring this can increase your risks for heart disease, liver disease and cancer, and other complications of hypertestosterone.


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    does anyone have any experience with steroid use for strength training...or any expertise in this field? i'm concerned about overall health and productivity...should this even be considered for someone w/sci? any input will be greatly appreciated..

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    I'd start with clomiphene (Clomid) and see if that helps. It has doubled my T levels and is a cheap pill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tman9513 View Post
    I'd start with clomiphene (Clomid) and see if that helps. It has doubled my T levels and is a cheap pill.
    Thank you Tman! What dosage of Clomoid you would recommend? And did you have side effects?

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    My father is an incomplete para, and he has been on testosterone throughout his recovery. He was found to have low levels before his injury, and was on a topical treatment rather than injections to get his level back into the normal range. Currently, he uses Fortesta. He was not able to obtain stable levels on other topicals, but Fortesta works well for him.

    It does help his strengthening/muscle building. It may also be contributing to his improved osteoporosis. It also has an effect on increasing his hematocrit. Maybe helps his energy?

    There are side effects if the levels are too high. Increased acne is obvious. It might effect mood/increased irritability if levels are too high. It also can push your hematocrit too high for some people. There are down sides to this.

    You should have your levels monitored regularly by your doctor if you are taking T, and blood tests are needed at least twice a year to follow hematocrit, liver function tests, and PSA. Honestly, your urologist is the best person to be giving you T and monitoring its effects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holyone View Post
    Thank you Tman! What dosage of Clomoid you would recommend? And did you have side effects?
    50mg per tablet per day (in the morning),no side effects for me

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    Holyone, I hope you're able to find something that works for you. Myself years ago I was taking T injections but ended up stopping due to some minor side effects. Now according to my latest blood test my T is off the charts low and I don't know what to do. My Dr. said no injections and didn't offer any other suggestions so I don't know what's out there that might help!?

    So like I said I hope you're able to find something that works well for you.
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