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Thread: PC gaming

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    What is the best PC game to play for quadriplegics, specifically the ones that allow you the best control the game with limited dexterity? What adaptive equipment will allow you to do such things, I use a Kensington trackball and that's about it.

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    If anyone plays PS4 add me SparkyCenteno

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    pc gamer here (steam). hitman series is my jam, horror survival stuff late at night in the dark with headphones. dishonored. and whenever those summer sales come along, another 15+ games added. if any of you want to link up on steam, shoot me a private message with your user name and i'll add ya. <3

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    My main multiplayer game is Planetside 2 (VS on Connery on PC for anyone who might also play). It's free-to-play if you want to try it out, PC and PS4.

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