I am t5 complete para thinking about getting a colostomy. I've read a few threads on here and have seen that for most people it has been a good decision to get a colostomy.

I just have a few extra questions. I would like to get a temp colostomy so if I don't like I could go back and I also would like to use the irrigation method. So can you do the irrigation method with a temp. colostomy?

Does any have a colostomy and play any wheelchair sports? I play wheelchair basketball and one of my main concerns would be something bad happening with the bag during a game or something. So is there products or something to

make it more secure while playing sports? Also what do people do when they go swimming? I think I would like to get a colostomy because it would make my life easier. Right now I do a bp every other day when I am at a basketball

tournament i have to do it every day(usually in the morning and it usually takes 1-1.5 hours to do). Usually I can go many months without having an accidents but sometimes I'll have a bad week due to something I eat or health reasons(liking being on certain antibiotics).

So I think getting a colostomy would be life changing for me not having to worry about having accidents and would allow me to be more independent. I also would like to know more about the irrigation method- So if you do the irrigation

method every other day is your bag usually pretty clear in between the time you do it and the next time you do it? I would like to keep the bag empty or close to as much as possible? Also how effective is the irrigation method does it

clear you right out?

Thanks In Advance