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Thread: Mouthstick users

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    Mouthstick users

    I'm trying to gather some information on what everyone here uses to type, how many people actually use a traditional mouth stick, and which ones do you use? Are they custom-made, made yourself, are they head pointing? I'm not looking for information on the head tracker mouse, just mouth sticks.
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    When I'm in my chair, I use a mouthstick (I use a headmouse in bed). It is a regular mouthstick that I had cut to the correct length. I have a mouthstick stylus for my tablet, that was made from an old metal mouthstick, some metal tubing and a stylus tip. I also have a mouthstick that was extra long, that had a string and small hook that I used to change cd's ad dvd's in my PC, but I haven't used it in a long time.

    What my regular mouthstick looks like.

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    We used to use mouthsticks made by Art Heyer at Extensions in Independence, but I believe this business is gone now. I am afraid Art (a high quad and engineer and the company owner) may have died. The website is gone.


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