I'm currently in a manual chair. I had a DME provider constantly pushing me to get an electric chair. Obviously, they make more money if they sell one of those. Does the physical therapist get any kickback being involved?

Also, a few years ago a physical therapist told me that they were going to get me a new chair. Then the DME provider and physical therapist double-teamed me and told me that all they could do was fix the chair. It's titanium, so I went along with it since they said I probably could get another titanium chair. Well, they did a poor job. It's fixed correctly now. Does the physical therapist get a kickback in that situation? I assume that fixing the chair was more profitable for them.

I'm asking because another DME provider pushed and pushed for a ride custom back. Pretty much lied to me and did not listen to what I was telling him. Those backs are $4000. It was horrible. Felt like I was in a coffin and was screwing up my arm. He pulled a jay3 off of the shelf that he had sitting there and had me try that. That's what I am sitting with today. It was fine and did exactly what I wanted. Obviously, it's only $300. Why didn't he try it first? I know the answer.