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Thread: RT300 FES Bike for sale. low price

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    RT300 FES Bike for sale. low price

    I have a RT300 FES bike I will sell for $6,500 plus shipping (located in Washington State). Its just been sitting at my parents house, only used it a few dozen times. Email me at for more info/pictures, I probably will not respond on the forum so email is preferable. I believe the price of the bike was $14,000 when my parents bought it new.

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    Unwise to post your private e-mail address on a public forum like this. Suggest you instead turn on the E-mail feature in your profile, which allows members to privately (and blindly) send you an e-mail message. Edit your post to remove your personal e-mail address.


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    Critical info for this item is:
    1. How many channels (=total number of leads divided by two)
    2. Is the computer a Sage 7 or Sage 10
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    I'm interested and willing to pick up.

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    Again, please note the OP has not returned to this site since posting. Suggest you contact them via the e-mail address they (unwisely) posted above.


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    The bike has 3 channels. Ill have to double check the computer Sage.

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    paula, shoot me an email at the address I posted in the initial post and you can come try it. Im located in Seattle/Redmond area.

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