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Thread: Injured May 10. Feeling lost.

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    Unhappy Injured May 10. Feeling lost.

    So... I feel very nervous about posting this. I am from Spain, so most of my family is there. I live in Orlando, FL. But I feel like even if I did go to my family they would turn me away, as they did when I came out back in 1988. I was hit by a car May 10, 2017. I haven't been able to say it out loud, I can't accept it. They told me I have permanent damage from fractures from my T9-T12. That I'll probably never walk again. People keep pushing me for answers, answers that I can't give. I am a doctor and pharmacist so It's been.... difficult.
    On May 10, when I was hit, it was a hit an run. Who ever hit me didn't slow down or stop. My injuries were not treated right away. I had severe internal bleeding. I hit my head on the pavement, they feared brain damage but now that I'm awake its minimal. Just some damage to my short term memory. I didn't remember my boyfriend. I still don't really know who he is. Everyone says I was in love with him. I couldn't have him here.
    I'm really scared. I don't know what to do... I don't know if I can do this...

    Am I just going to be everyones burden for the rest of my life?

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    Sorry you have had to join the club that no one wants to belong to!!

    Do you have health insurance? Are you now, or are you going to a specialty SCI inpatient acute rehabilitation center? Ideally you should also have rehabilitation for your traumatic brain injury (TBI) as well.

    Were you practicing medicine in the USA? What specialty?

    Are you a USA citizen? Do you have supportive friends and coworkers nearby? Sorry you appear to be alienated from your family in Spain, but why do you feel you need to return to Spain?

    What have you been told is your actual neurologic level of injury (with fractures at T9-12 it is most likely low thoracic or lumbar cord damage)? You should be given an ASIA (American Spinal Injury Association) or International Standards for Neurologic Classification of SCI (ISNCSCI) level of injury and AIS (ASIA Impairment Scale) grade of injury completeness.

    You can do this. It appears you are a strong and intelligent person to have achieved your educational level. Tackle this the same way. Study the literature, get rehabilitation therapy and rehabilitation nursing care to learn how to be totally is very possible at your level of injury. You should not fear being a burden to anyone. Reach out to our members for support and information as well. I would also recommend that you make a contact with the Florida Spinal Cord Injury Resource Center:

    Please come back and participate in our forums. We care.


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    There is tremendous help here, you can overcome your fears and succeed.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Yes. I have health insurance. I've been talking to the doctors/neurologist and they think its best to move me to a different facility for treatment. I have a brace thing around my back so I cant move much. Not that I can anyway.
    I had a hard time being a doctor here in the USA because my certifications and trainings all took place in Spain/Europe. So I completed pharmaceutical training here and became a pharmacist almost 8 years ago.
    I am a permanent US citizen now. I don't really have many friends, I went through a rough divorce with a cheating husband. All of his friends turned me away. I never realized they were all fake until after it was too late. I have a Spanish speaking co-worker that visited me this morning. Also my best friend flew in from Colombia when he heard the news. I won't go back to Spain. My family would not support or help me. I would be much better of staying in the USA.
    The doctor said it was an incomplete injury but I don't understand why if I have no fellings at all below my waist. It's the T10 that was damaged the most. He said the damages to the T9, 11-12 don't appear to be as serious.
    I couldn't fall back asleep last night. I found a nice set of paraplegic care and life after injury videoes in Spanish. I watched those until about 5 am. Being awake is uncomfortable but they are helping me manage the pain. Thank you so much for answering. I feel so confused and lost.

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    Where are they talking about sending you for your acute rehabilitation? Doesn't sound like your physician has done an ASIA/ISNCSCI exam on you. You need to demand this be done. Sounds like he is talking about the fractures, and not the damage to the cord itself, which is most important.

    You should be able to return to work eventually as a pharmacist, but will need to take off at least 3 months to complete your rehab and get accommodations done by your employer. Suggest you see a vocational rehabilitation counselor to help you with this. Does your employer pay into state disability insurance for you? You may be asked to apply for SSI or SSDI (for the latter you must have worked 40 quarters, ie, 10 years, paying into Social Security) but this does not take effect until you are some time post-injury, and Medicare only after 24 months on SSDI, so if you can return to work and maintain your medical and other insurance benefits it will be much better for you.

    Request a free copy of the Paralysis Resource Guide from the Dana and Christopher Reeve Foundation here:

    You can either download it as a PDF or e-book, or request a hard copy. They will mail it to you for free.


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    There's a good spinal clinic in Miami. As an incomplete, getting into aggressive rehab as soon as your injuries allow is important. You may recover much and you're still in the spinal shock phase so it's uncertain what might come back on its own over the next three months. Nothing about spinal cord injuries (SCIs) is easy, but try to remain optimistic and determined.
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    The OP has not been back to our site since 5/18. Both Jim and I have had PM discussions with this person, and have suspicions that this may be a troll. Sorry.


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    Welcome to this community. So sorry for all your losses. You DO have a lot on your plate.
    But it gets better. Trust me on that (I'm 22 years post injury).
    And, regarding acceptance? I'm a recovering alcoholic (34yrs). Acceptance is a common subject in AA meetings. I never accepted anything when younger! Then I came into AA and was told, if you can't affect something, you must accept it. My first stance was, yes, I'll accept it but that doesn't mean liking it. I've evolved! I'm OK with being paralyzed. I can live a fully expressed and extraordinary life! It's take a while, but I am (deeply) satisfied with things as they are. Don't give up the ship, even when you think it's sinking...

    edit: There! I made myself cry again, listening to Nancy L. But it's tears of joy for what I have now that I never let myself have , all the deprivations I suffered more or less at my own hands.
    Believe me when I say, although today it's hard to see the light, your life is still full of possibilities. Do your best to be the best you can be, and keep on keepin' on! Although Your path is not clear yet, but the IS a place for you in this world.

    Feel free to check in here and take us all with you as you move forward. and Good Luck

    EDiT: I was afraid of that as well when I read this stuff. No matter. The feelings and thoughts don't change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    The OP has not been back to our site since 5/18. Both Jim and I have had PM discussions with this person, and have suspicions that this may be a troll. Sorry.

    I was afraid of that.
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