I am interested in hearing any advice regarding my pain management and treatments regarding mid back pain that I have been having. I have had recurring back pain for decades and numerous x-rays, MRI's and cat scans over the years. Recently the mid back pain has become unbearable but there was no obvious incident that brought this pain on. I am very active and in good shape 5'10" 188lbs give or take. So in the beginning of February I went to my primary care DR who referred me to an ortho DR where I got an x-ray and he gave me a prescription of Hydrocodone 10's. I rationed them, only taking when I absolutely could not bear the pain and after 68 days I went back and told him I still was in intense pain so he refilled my hydro 10. I am fully aware of the opioid abuse going on these days and obviously I am not abusing these when I am taking 1 every 2-3 days when needed. I should add that this pain killer when taking like I am barely takes the edge off but I imagine if I took it as prescribed it would be more effective. So my first question is, "Am I wrong to think this way and only take a narcotic when absolutely necessary to ease the pain?" Second, I have been told by someone that Hydrocodone, even 10's are junk and that I should be taking something stronger to begin with. Can someone weigh in on that?
Another point I need to make is I have an incredibly easy office job where I am not tied to my desk. I get up frequently and walk around normally over 10K steps a day. I have good posture while sitting, standing, and walking. So after the 2nd refill of hydro I had to go back to the DR and in my mind, beg for more as I figured he would say he couldn't or wouldn't give me any more. I explained to his nurse I would gladly give a urine sample to show the amount of Hydro in my body is a fraction of what I could or maybe should have considering my pain level. He then told me he was not giving me enough for him to be concerned about me abusing it which really pissed me off because I am so stressed about this pain and the thought that I may have to deal with it. I'm sure some of you are thinking I'm and idiot and should just take the hydro as directed but I am stubborn. I don't want to take that much despite my pain level. So what is the alternative? Something stronger that will knock out my pain but I can only take 1 when the pain is just unbearable? As far as treatments I requested an MRI since the last one was over 2 years ago but despite telling my DR and pointing to the mid back where my pain is, getting 3 pain prescriptions over 3-4 months, when radiology called me to schedule the MRI they said the order was for the low back! Of course they would not change the area to image and told me I need to call the DR's office and have them correct the order. Am I wrong to be livid and considering changing DR's? Aside from still trying to get a solid diagnosis, I am also going to a chiropractor who has several spinal decompression machines. I would like to hear anyone's thoughts on this sort of treatment as well.