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    Colonoscopy Prep

    A question for anyone who has had a colonoscopy, I was wondering how long after you take the first glass of the prep the day before does it take before the explosion starts?..........

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    depends with everyone. and how full your bowels are. generally about 1-2 hours but could take longer or shorter.
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    Mine took 3 hours to take affect and it took another 6 hours before I was done cleaning out.

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    Go to the home improvement store and get a roll of plastic sheeting, say 36 inches wide. Cut lengths to cover your path in the room where such action will be taking place. In my case, that would be between the bathroom, bed, and dressing/therapy table. Because once you get going and you are caught in transit be dropping a "cow pie" that is going to be one unholy mess and pain in the ass to clean up, especially if you have carpet. Even the toxic chemicals in feces could stain wood flooring.

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    Good advice. My advice is to stay close to the toilet. And there is no magic time. Some of it will depend on when your last bowel program was and how effective it was. Also, what and how much you have eaten since then. And some of it depends on your body.

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    Thanks - I forgot about that link.

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    Just did a prep a few weeks ago. I didn't start going until 4 hours after my first glass. I then spent another 6+ hours off and on a commode. Its pretty dang messy, have a lot of pads around (under you, chair, floor, bed etc) you can toss away.

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