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Thread: 3 weeks post colostomy/Bowel Meds

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    3 weeks post colostomy/Bowel Meds

    Hello All! So I am 3 weeks post colostomy surgery, so far so good. My pain level is down, I can eat and I've been changing the bags with no problems. The first few times are awkward and I was freaked out. But now its not too bad! =)
    I was wondering if anyone else on here is taking bowel meds with their colostomy. I've spent many years constipated, so they said with my history staying on something to help would be best. They put me on miralax 10 days post surgery, but I got really painful gas. So they said to reduce my dose to 2tsp, and take a stool softener. The nighttime gas is no longer painful, but now that my stools are firmer I have pain when a bowel movement happens. The large bowel movement today was a really really crampy. Is it still too early to distinguish if this is all because its pretty early since the surgery, or should I try something else? Any other tips for helping the stool move along in a nice way? They said I'm a perfect candidate for irrigation, but that's not until month 2-3 post surgery.

    PS I am a T12, 13yrs injured. My stoma is close to be belly button, distal, and is an end colostomy.


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    It may be just a little early to be able to distinguish what is causing the pain. I would let your ostomy nurse know and she may be able to pass along some tips. My advice might be to cut back just a little on the stool softener but I would run that past the nurse. Have you changed your diet significantly? Drinking the same amount of water? Trying to move around? Still on pain medications? All of these things, as you know, impact your bowel program.


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    I left a message for her today. I had very watery stool today(pro too much stool softener), I'm a bit all over the place with consistency this week. I feel good, no pain meds, I'm still pretty weak but I am up all day. A lot goes into it so I think I am just nervous of all the change and avoiding constipation. I've read that colostomies can also go a day without output. Since I added the stool softener I may back off that like you suggested to see if that's why the stool has been so liquidy.

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    I've had an end colostomy 5 1/2 years. Sometimes I go 3 (4?) days without passing but it always works itself out. (pun intentional)
    When the chocolate factory is working well (most off the time, fortunately) I'll pop out fairly solid small Sweedish meatballs, which enable me to pop the bag and shake them into the toilet, and continue using the bag, usually 4 days until showering and replacing bag and base.
    Watery or gooey stool sucks! It's a pain, and a problem to remove the bag without incident, especially in the field!
    69yo male T12 complete since 1995
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