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Thread: Caffeine and cathing

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    Caffeine and cathing

    I intermittent cath and found that if I drink a cup of coffee every day for a couple of weeks I have incontinent issues. I get so I can hold about 150cc in my bladder before I begin to leak. It takes about 10 days of staying off caffeine and increasing my oxybutynin for the issue to clear up. Thought I had a bladder infection but found to much caffeine is not good for me. Not sure if anyone else has had an issue with caffeine that cath themselves.

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    same here.... have the same issue with coke cola and tea..

    can only drink a small very weak coffee once a day... gave up on tea as I drank too much tea and I'd just leak like crazy.

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    Caffeine may trigger bladder spasms. So, for some people, they need to cut it out completely. Sorry to tell you this.


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    Alcohol has the reverse effect. If you eat a big meal with some wine, you may be able to tolerate caffeine better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by August West View Post
    Alcohol has the reverse effect. If you eat a big meal with some wine, you may be able to tolerate caffeine better.
    i.e., stick to Irish Coffee?
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    Caffeine is also a diuretic. Makes more urine and that can increase bladder spasms ie, Caffeine is really not good for your bladder. That being said, I am a firm believer in moderation - so if your bladder can tolerate one cup of coffee or tea or whatever, enjoy! That is my opinion....

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    I drink coffee and energy drinks. No issues. I had a surgery that sewed some of my small intestine to my bladder, best decision I've ever made. No issues with EVER pissing myself. Can drink as much as i want or whatever i want and still wear underwear(briefs) not those damn adult diapers. Used to be so embarrassed to have togo in store and buy those.. Not anymore.
    Good luck and I'm glad my daughter and better half don't have to deal with me without my coffee in the a.m.

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