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Thread: Backrest for driving from power wheelchair

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    Backrest for driving from power wheelchair

    Looking for ideas and thoughts also what you have found best.

    I am thinking that some kind of deep contour somewhere near the hips or a little higher similar to the bolster designs in automotive seats to provide best stability in turns.

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    Jay comfort backrests come in various sizes and position of lateral support, I have them on 2 power chairs and 2 manual chairs. One of the chairs is off road use, it is off camber a lot of the time and the lateral support stops me going sideways. I use a chest harness as well which locks me in even more securely.

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    The Invacare matryx elite series of backs offers a variety of contours and depths. If you try the Jay series of backs be careful that your DME rep brings you models to demo that are appropriate, as there are differences in where the lateral support is (high to low) and the size of the lateral support.

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    I had a J3 with swing away laterals, laterals always uncomfortable so took em off.

    The rep from the comfort company came by today and is allowed me to demo their Acta-Back deep it seems like a winner!!

    I like the adjust-ability of the lateral wings along with the mold-able metal back stays.

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