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Thread: Clogging Catheter

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    Clogging Catheter

    I'm a C 4-5 incomplete, post-injury 32 years. Healthy, busy with two careers, zero anti-spasm meds, zero weight-shifts, zero skin trouble, rarely take antibiotics and though signs of colonization (strong, cloudy urine) for years (greater/lesser) with SP (SuperPubic) foley cath (silicone-coated latex 16fr), "infection" almost never wipes me out, or requires rest in bed to beat. Years ago could go 6 months between cath changes (used to buy "super-slick" catheters but can't find them anymore). Now clogging weekly (or more often) with green, or tan, or greyish-brown gunk. QUESTION: Have you experienced more clogging or slowing due to build-up when losing weight? I gave up sweets, cut way back on sugar in foods & wheat (and even started filtering fluoride out of my drinking water [I know, sounds crazy, but look it up; see what they used to give people to slow down their thyroid in Europe for hyperthyroidism]). As a result I'm seeing a real difference in weight-loss and wondering if that might be clogging the caths.

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    You may want to try a different catheter, one that is specifically designed for supra pubic use. It is called Duette by Poiesis. This catheter has two balloons, the top one is a retention balloon and the bottom one is a cushioning balloon that helps reduce irritation of the the bladder wall, which is sometimes associated with a clogging catheter. Between the balloon are the drainage eyelets.

    Poiesis will send you free samples in the size you require. Currently, they supply these catheters in 14, 16, and 18 FR. They are made of silicone and are quite soft. Some people on this forum have tried the Duette catheter and report they don't have trouble or as much trouble with clogging.

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    Agree with gjnl. Try a different catheter. And keep up your fluid intake.

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