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Thread: Fit Bit flex or equivalent

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    Fit Bit flex or equivalent

    Greetings all!
    Anybody use one said devices with any degree of accuracy? Do they monitor an accurate heart rate?

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    Here's a good, though slightly dated, review of the accuracy of some of the most popular fitness trackers that also measure heart rate (

    Basically, they all do a really good job if you're wearing them properly and you're working at a steady state. If you're doing something like interval training, the contact sensors keep up well, but the optical sensors (like what's in a FitBit), often lag behind any changes in your heart rate.

    Long story short, they're surprisingly accurate.

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    Thank you sir.

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    Skin tone matters. I'm a red head and I've tried three different green-LED heart rate monitors, including the series 2 Apple watch and NONE of them track my heart rate accurately compared to a chest strap. Often they're off by 30 bpm. I was really hopeful I could go with one of these LED monitors, but have had to revert by to my garmin + chest strap. If you can try one before you buy one I would go that route.
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