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Thread: Damn cushion let me down

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    Damn cushion let me down

    Honestly, I could tear my hair out at the moment. Three weeks ago we discovered a purple blood blister type mark on my backside. It had a small break in the middle lot that like a V shape. Anyway, I've just spent the last three weeks healing it completely to the point where I'm able to get up again. To be honest we couldn't work out how it happened. I was convinced that it was trauma caused by me jolting when I was going in and outs of the yacht club one evening, maybe there wasn't quite enough air in the cushion. Anyway, got up yesterday for a few hours and went back into bed and check my backside, all looked great. Got back up in the evening and stayed up for about four hours. This morning I found almost the identical thing on my backside, only not quite in the same place, about 1 inch to the right. I checked my cushion and we realise that the had deflated quite a bit. So it turns out there was a problem with the cushion after all.

    I just sent the Roho back to a place in the UK that cleans and mends them.

    Good job I can keep myself busy in bed. I've got this fantastic wall bracket which holds my television. That means I can position the television to any position so if I'm relying on my side I can bring the television right down so I've not got to struggle to watch. Have also got my PC next to the bed so I can carry on working and do what I normally do when I'm sitting up. I just wished that this had happened during the winter and not when the weather is just getting nice.

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    That's too bad. How could the cushion do that? I have a Roho, too.
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    So sorry. Roho is a good cushion, but only if properly inflated, which makes it a fairly high maintenance cushion. You have to be constantly vigilant about its proper inflation, and leaks can be caused by a wide variety of environmental causes. Examples of sources of leaks I have seen are cat claws, kids with scissors, welding or woodworking debris, etc.

    Glad you can stay off the breakdown area. I would strongly encourage you to get a new seating evaluation with some other cushions which aren't such high maintenance, but provide you with sufficient seating pressure reduction.


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    I've had a few Roho's fail/pop. But I haven't found a better cushion for my booty so I stick with what works.

    I hope you heal quick!

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    Roho is the Worst cushion I've ever tried. Especially for women as the rubber cells make for a lot of sweating in that area. As KLD says, they work; but only if they are properly inflated. I was just pressure mapped and ended up with a Ride Java cushion. Once I got used to the donut hole it's working really well.

    I have empathy for you NQ. I'm just back sitting again after 21 weeks total in the last year spent in a Clinitron bed.

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    I agree Roho is one of the best cushions for skin protection. Own a dme store been selling cushions for 15 years. My rule of thumb is for most of my Quad clients always push Roho. A lot of them don't have the ability to do weight shifts all day. Roho seems to offer the best skin protection and less skin breakdown. I myself have been in a Jay extreme bladder cushion for ever. Now it's been replaced by the jayx2. I have never had skin break down because of my cushion.

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    love my roho but as everyone has said make sure it is inflated properly and check often! absolutely the best cushion i have used! i had a gel then foam and gel and now the roho and the roho is the best one i have had.
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