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Thread: Example of suicide door Subaru from Craigslist

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    Example of suicide door Subaru from Craigslist

    Hope I can add pics. This is a CL ad I found. I have no affiliation. I realize there is a FS section, but I am posting here just to show what can be done.

    From the ad:

    I did this suicide door conversion in 2003 and have not had a single issue with the conversion. There is no wind noise, squeaks, or leaks. The car is rust free, dent free, never been crashes or flooded. The windshield will need to be replaced. I did the finish body work myself and a professional would definitely do better. I loved this car but health and bad shoulders require something like a mini van. It comes equipped with Monarch Mark I hand controls and is ready to drive. This door conversion is especially helpful for the wheelchair user or the assistant to store the chair without the need to lift into the trunk.

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