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Thread: Electric air blower

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    Electric air blower

    So I thought Id share something that I find pretty useful after showering.

    I bought this electric "duster" and it moves a lot of air, much more than a blow dryer.

    So after showering in my shower chair I basically air dry myself dry, works pretty good. You will use less towels too.

    XPOWER A-2 Airrow

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    Is the air heated?

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    Great idea, I have been using this for a few years very similar.

    I have it up on a high cabinet, I ran 3" pvc down the wall corner and terminated to a 45 degree elbow for the right angle. I used a Stanley high amp wireless on off switch to turn off and on. It is a lil noisy for the few minutes used but great. The entire family enjoys it now.

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