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Thread: Had to do it.

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    Had to do it.

    I went to the big box store and by some miracle found a open gimp spot. I parked off center to give myself plenty of room to get the chair in/out. I come back after shopping and some jackass has parked his truck with wheels in my space. I left a note on his windshield that said "Sorry I scratched you cute truck, with my wheelchair, but it was parked too close to my car and and I couldn't get past without touching your truck"
    I didn't have time to stick around to see how/if he looked for the scratches.
    No I didn't touch his truck!

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    Oh love hearing it. Glad you got out of there before before the driver read the note.
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    I'd like to see the look on that guys face lol
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    Well played.

    One time I came out to find someone had parked on the hash marks between the two disabled spots. I couldn't get my door open without hitting their car and I had an old car, so I wasn't very "careful" about how I opened my door. I left them a nice note saying something similar to yours, took a picture of how they were parked and left my phone number on the note so they could call and discuss it if they wanted. Whaddaya know they never called.

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    I've had this happen to me on far too many occasions as well (What the f is wrong with people?). In the past, my technique at getting back has been to build up as much spit as possible and lace the door handle with it.
    Looking back at this now, I'm not sure if I'd do that today, but it sure felt good at the time.
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    I had this happen to me one time also. I parked in my handicapped spot gave myself plenty of room to get my chair out. I come out of the store and this Lexus was parked slightly into my spot. So I thought what the heck my door is going to be hitting her car. Low and behold she comes walking out making a beeline to her car seeing that my door banged into it. She proceeds to come over to the passenger side to see if I did any damage. I was ready to confront her but she never said a word to me and proceeded to get in her car.

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    I like the note BFD.

    We came out from a big box store to find a big pickup parked completely in the access aisle. This truck was using the larger access aisle as a parking spot. We didn't go to the car, I called the police on my cell phone to report what was going on. Meanwhile, we walked over to an outside patio to have drinks/apps and see what would happen. They did show up in a decent amount of time and went over to talk to and ticket the jerk. Just happened to be in a suburb that nothing was going on that day I guess for the police! That's my one and only good story about this kind of crap.

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    Have always used "Defensive parking" in any parking spot handicapped our regular. What I did was Park diagonally so nobody could park next to me. The thing that irritates me the most is people who park in the access aisle or too close to you because they know yet they do it anyway.

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