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Thread: Pressure Sore Protection Underwear by GlideWear - As seen in New Mobility

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    Talking Pressure Sore Protection Underwear by GlideWear - As seen in New Mobility

    We're the manufacturers of GlideWear, and we're thrilled that GlideWear's Pressure Sore Protection Underwear for Men were featured in New Mobility's Cool New Products Unveiled at ISS!

    In addition to pressure, friction and shear are contributing factors to pressure injuries. The GlideWear underwear significantly reduce the harmful friction and shear, protecting at-risk skin from breakdown and injury. Let us know if you have any questions about the underwear or how they work! You can read about them on our website, too (
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    would love to see a women's version with a catheter fly

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    Yeah?? Women left in the dust again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post
    Yeah?? Women left in the dust again!

    Currently, 80.9% of spinal cord injuries reported to the national database have occurred among males.
    I am sure if the percentages were switched then a women's version would have come out first.

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    It would be nice to have a paypal option on your website.

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    It says, "Women’s version coming Spring 2017.", but none is showing yet.
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    Looks like you could use them to me?
    Were is the seems in the back?

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    no seems on the back side is what I would want. Them seems can cause a pressure sore in on a boney part. That's the problem with long under wear. Like long johns

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