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Thread: Juice cleanses for digestion

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    Juice cleanses for digestion

    There are some juice cleanse threads on here, but most of them seem to be about weight loss.

    Are there any juice cleanse, or juice strategies, that one would use exclusively for digestion, i.e. constipation?

    There are so many companies, products, recipes out there. You can buy it from a company or try and blend them yourself for instance.

    On the other hand, having a bottle of juice would be very convenient for me, it's a hassle to buy and prepare normal meals, so if it worked I would like it.

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    I tried a detox concoction of sliced cucumber and lemons back in late August. I had nothing but loose mushy stool for over a month and when my doctor pur me on medication to solve that problem, I developed a bowel blockage and spent most of Thanksgiving week in the hospital. I'm totally over detox cleanses. Try them at your own peril.

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    Moving this to the Food forum. There is no scientific evidence that any type of bowel "cleanse" or clean out has any health benefits at all, but they can cause electrolyte imbalances, and of course, bowel accidents (and resultant skin breakdown).


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    Agree with KLD. Also, the GI tract has built-in cleansing. It has a mucous lining that is constantly being shed and replaced with new mucous.
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