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Thread: headmouse vs eye gaze?

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    headmouse vs eye gaze?


    Has anyone tried both headmouse and eye gaze systems, what do you think are the pros and cons of each and which do you think is better.

    I currently use a headmouse nano but I was wondering how that compares with the eye gaze systems.



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    I have both at this point I prefer the headmouse as I dont HAVE to hold my head PERFECTLY STILL to use it. I am working on mastering my Tobii PCEye mini

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    Eye gaze and dwell click seem to be the most tiresome.

    I'm always on the lookout for solutions for a high quad 11-year old girl I know. She is currently using a headtracker and dwell/click with success on her laptop. I want to have other solutions ready to go for her try when she is ready. She moves into middle school this fall and I expect her to want to loose the dot on her nose to navigate. (I'm on her school district SpEd team.)
    Some of the contenders:
    1) QuadJoy; nice because you navigate with a mouth stick combined with customizable sip/puff. Mount it on a gooseneck cable to the desk and you can pull up to the device to use. Great support.

    2) Glassouse; comparitively inexpensive, lightweight pair of glasses that navigates similar to a head tracker. Mouse clicks are performed with a bite click. I have not tried these yet but I really like this idea and am hoping to try these in the next few months. They claim connectivity to a Smart TV too.

    3) Smyle Mouse Head Mouse; No equipment required. This is a software only solution for PC's. The software uses the camera on a laptop or desktop PC to track eye movement and you perform a mouse click with a "smile" or a dwell click. I found this to have a fairly short learning curve and like that nothing else is needed. Try it for free and for more information:

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    Instead of a dot on the nose (or forehead in my case) you could put a dot on a pair of glasses.

    Also in case anyone who doesn't know, you can use 3M reflective tape instead of the dots from the manufacturer.

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    Thanks Scott she hasn't been receptive to glasses but who knows, if we let her choose the glasses from some cool frames that is a great option for her because she wouldn't have to re-learn what is working for her now.

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    Cheap plastic sunglasses could be used (with the lenses in or out) and different colors would allow her to color coordinate and accessorize. It might encourage her to keep using what she has now.

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    I trialled eyegaze in rehab, found it very tiring and frustrating using DwellClick software as reading a webpage and holding over a link for a split second too long loaded the link.

    I use a head mouse with dot on my glasses, can hold my head steady and move my eyes across a page with the mouse "parked" away from any links.

    I've also got a Gyro headset this is new and I am slowly getting used to it. Head movement moves mouse and you blink to click, double blink to double click and blink/hold shut to drag. It is taking some getting used to but eventually will be better than the head mouse. Only down side is the button on the back of it which limits headrest position, awkward if you do need to place your head on the headresr.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Yeah I thought it might be more tiring using eye tracking.

    From what I have seen the head mouse still seems the most reliable, fast and precise to use with only a reflective dot to wear.
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    Have you also explored mouth controlled mouse options such as the QuadJoy or Jouse??


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