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Thread: Stomach gas

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    Stomach gas

    Every so often I get stomach gas that I can't burp up. What would help get rid of the gas? Would tums work? Any other suggestions?

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    Simethicone, GasX, Soda bubbles help as well at times; I literally have to use my right arm, lean forward, swing myself from side-to-side on my chair; usually to the amusement of others. The trapped gas is painful.

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    Are you sure it is stomach gas and not bowel gas? These are two different problems, and managed two different ways.

    For stomach gas, you can take medications that contain simethicone which helps to break up gas bubbles. Rolaids Plus Gas Relief, Gas-X Extra Strength, and Mylanta Gas Relief Maximum Strength are examples of antacids that contain this. You can also get (by prescription) simethicone chewable tablets (such as Mylicon 40 mg chewable tablets). Also, stomach gas may be caused by air swallowing when drinking with a straw, so avoid this to avoid getting gas in the first place.

    Bowel (usually large intestine) gas is much more often caused by gas forming foods, and you may want to look at your diet to try to determine which foods are causing this for you. Common problems can be from beans and peas, cabbage family foods, and sometimes soy. Keeping a food diary that you can consult for foods eaten in the 24-48 hours prior to having gas problems can be very helpful for this, since bowel transit time for people with SCI can be 72 hours or more. In addition, supplements such as Beano can help reduce problems with bowel gas if taken with meals. Some people have also found medicinal charcoal tablets helpful, but you should consult with your pharmacist before taking these, as they can bind-up some other medications you are taking, so need to be timed correctly in your medication taking regimen.


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    T-10 Para I use nothing but Gaviscon good stuff

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    If I have recently taken medications I take Gas-x... if its been a couple hours since meds, I take activated charcoal pills.

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    For some reason about a month ago I was battling bad bloating. After keeping a log of what I have been eating I figured out it was broccoli and cauliflower. I don't know why it just started affecting me now, it never used to before. Since I have eliminated those two vegetables I have had no problems. When I was bloated I didn't find anything that helped except for a BM.
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