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Thread: Sore not healing

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    Sore not healing

    last March I had to go to the hospital after I had bladder stones taken out because I was bleeding out my catheter, while in the hospital they had the EKG leads on my chest and when I got ready to go all they took all of those off except one that they missed on my upper right chest area. When I got home we took it off and it pulled the top layer of skin off like a blister popped, well it's been over a year now and it still there it will heal up and then start weeping clear liquid and go right back to the way it was. I drink lots of boost nothing is changed in my diet, I also get one on my right butt cheek that will do the same thing. They'll heal up, start weeping, come back open. Rinse and repeat! And this is been going on with my butt for a couple of years where it will heal up and stay gone for days, weeks, months (who knows) and then it'll come back. Any ideas on what could be causing that? My PC Dr just says but Neosporin and a Band-Aid.

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    If I understand your post, you've had two sores that have been re-opening and draining fluid on and off for over a year.

    Has the fluid ever been sent for a bacteria culture? A lot of bacteria are resistant to the ingredients in Neosporin.

    Can you make an appointment to be seen in a wound care clinic or by an infectious disease specialist?

    Also, one of your old posts was about having had major surgery on your stomach and intestines. Is there any problem with nutrient absorption? That can affect wound healing too.
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    i agree with 2drwhofans, you need a wound care specialist to take a look and if possible culture that fluid.
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    I agree about getting a culture of the drainage from these wounds. They could be MRSA infections from what I see. Neosporin does not help with MRSA. MRSA infections can be either hospital or community acquired.


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    Any chance that you keep re-injuring it getting into the bed or shower or car or something?
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