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Thread: bony back against wheelchair, help please

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    bony back against wheelchair, help please

    I have a bony back, my vertabre stick out. On occasion my back will act up (hurt, get red and tender) from sitting / leaning against the wheelchair back so much. I use a small piece of egg crate cushion behind my back to try and ease the pain. Any other suggestions appreciated. I replaced the aged foam in the back with new memory foam but not sure if that's the best option. Is a dense or a non dense foam best? What thickness should I use? Is there a gel filling that would be better? This has limited my exercise routines, I hope to find a back filling that lets me not have to worry about my back too much. Appreciate the help.

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    What kind of back does your chair have? What brand/model chair? Power or manual? If a fabric sling back, you may want to explore the use of a back that is rigid with foam padding, or even a custom back. Moved to Equipment forum as this is more of an equipment than Care question.


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    I used to get a callous on my vertebra that would get red and tender. The only way I could get it to normal was to change the angle of the back from 92% to 85%.

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    I use a storm tdx 3 power chair, metal back with a velcroed cushion that I put the foam in. I go months and it doesn't bother me but the last 2 weeks it's been a pain and worrisome.

    I wonder if my angle can be easily adjusted.

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    I see in your profile that you are an incomplete quad who uses a power wheelchair. I would suggest that you look at one of the Roho Agility Back Systems:

    I have a similar problem with a bony spine and I have the Agility Mid Contour Back System on my Permobil m300.

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    Those backs look great, a bit expensive for me right now. I will keep it in mind though

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