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Thread: Fortuna Fix Company selects Scientific Advisory Board to move therapy forward

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    I believe that was discontinued pilot study. The funding now is for a Ph 1 & 2 for PD and SCI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY View Post
    I believe that was discontinued pilot study. The funding now is for a Ph 1 & 2 for PD and SCI.

    With its fully automated manufacturing system, Fortuna aims to be the first to manufacture and bring to the clinic personalized neural precursor cells for treatment of diseases in the fields of neurodegeneration and neurotrauma. Manufacturing of autologous drNPCs is accomplished with a rapid, high throughput, and fully automated process, which does not involve engineering, animal components, or staged pluripotency. Patients suffering from neurotrauma or neurodegeneration will be able to get treatment with their own neural cells providing functional integration without immunosuppression or ethical issues (the technology uses no fetal, embryonic-like, or other ethically challenging processes).
    there’s a really good video in the link of Ahlfors during the panel.

    Not sure if Grammy was going to post this, so I just added it to this thread.

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    Thank you nphuskers. I didn't put the post at carecure since this isn't an "on the market" cure that is ready to purchase. I could have added this portion to the piece in my post on the SCI Research and Science Report if case anyone is interested in the company and progress.

    Fortuna Fix Announces the Appointment of Madhavan Balachandran to the Board of Directors;

    Focusing on its Manufacturing, Fortuna Fix (Fortuna), a private Regenerative Medicine company announced today the appointment of Mr Madhavan Balachandran to its board of directors, bringing Mr Balachandran's extensive experience in chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) to Fortuna and reinforcing the company's commitment to excellence in cell manufacturing. Mr. Balachandran retired in 2017 after spending 20 years at Amgen where he was Executive Vice President of Operations. As EVP Operations, he was responsible for Amgen's manufacturing, quality, process development, supply chain, and engineering functions, managing a group of 5,800 employees.

    Joining the Board of Fortuna is a tremendous opportunity for me to be part of a company with a leading-edge technology in the field of neural cell therapeutics with a groundbreaking vision of developing personalized products to transform the CNS field. Cell therapies have the potential to truly change healthcare and make a significant and positive impact on the lives of patients, said Mr. Balachandran.

    Jan-Eric Ahlfors, CEO of Fortuna Fix Inc., welcomed Mr. Balachandran, saying, The appointment of Mr. Balachandran to the Fortuna board brings broad CMC expertise to the company. As a company, we have prioritized fully automated manufacturing for production of our personalized directly reprogrammed neural precursor cells (drNPCs) as we recognize manufacturing as a significant hurdle most companies face in large-scale manufacturing of cellular therapies. We look forward to Mr. Balachandran's expertise and guidance as we advance clinical development of our programs.
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